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Brewlink Brewing began as an idea of owner Ruari Crabbe's.  He realized that they he had something to offer to the brewing industry and began crafting unique recipes.

In 2015, Insert Hop Reference Pale Ale and Ivory “White” Stout made its first appearance in Plainfield, IN. Only a short time later did he realize that those two beers would soon become favorites among new and experienced craft beer drinkers.

In 2016, Brew Link expanded out of their brewery into its current tap room located in historic downtown Plainfield, Indiana. They decided to spread their love for classic and unique beers with their Hoosier hometown. Experienced with brewing traditional styles and intrigued by the exotic flavors, Brew Link, began to build their brand and crazy experiments such as Cosmic Jacuzzi IPA, Ivory White Stout, Nutter Cup Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter, and so many others.  




“White” Oatmeal Stout

A smooth as silk “white” oatmeal stout brewed
with an aromatic blend of British malts, creamy oats, cocoa nibs, vanilla, and coffee. It pours white as day with a frothy creamy head that will leave your senses confused. Don’t let your eyes deceive you and let the flavor speak for itself.



Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter

A full-bodied porter that gets its dark luscious color from the generous use of roasted malts You’ll get just the right amount of chocolate and peanut butter to question whether you’re drinking a glass of delicious beer or popping a peanut butter cup in your mouth.



Cream Ale

Sometimes we have crazy dayz. Sometimes we have easy dayz. This beer is for all those dayz that prepared you to survive. A blend of a lager and ale styles make this brew exceptionally light and crisp with very little hop profile. Making this perfect to drink for all those crazy dayz!